Storyville Live Atmospheres - Bainbridge Island, WA


Odd Bird
Greetings, Earth People!

The second Saturday of every month you can find me improvising live ambient music stuff at the Storyville Coffee Roasting Studio on Bainbridge Island in the great nation of Washington. I am usually joined by one or two super talented compatriots and we do our best to make live art from 9am - 12pm. See the following "flyer" for the exact dates.

View media item 1720 are a few field recordings from the last one, where I was joined by keyboardist/trombone player Steve Moore (Sunn 0))), Earth, Sufjan Stevens) and drummer James McAlister (Bill Frisell, Sufjan Stevens, Alexi Murdoch).

For the gear curious, on these recordings I'm using a Ronin Mirari through a Benson Monarch 6v6 head and 2x12 cab. I'm also using a Tone King Ironman attenuator and a Two Notes Torpedo Live to send a signal to a laptop rig for ambience and loops.

So...if you find yourself on Bainbridge, or in Seattle and you feel like taking an weekend ferry, come see me!


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