Straight up Blues


Jazz Lines You Can Use in the Blues
Nice Carl_Tone....... Dig the the tone and vibe and playing!!!


Straight up sweetness. Always like when you stick in those Carlton-isms.

Hey thanks man I was inspired a couple of days ago listening to LC trade lick with BB.

Nice Carl_Tone....... Dig the the tone and vibe and playing!!!

Thanks man! Really appreciate it and back at ya for that in the middle clip especially!

All kinds of sweetness there, Greg. What axe were you using on that one?

Thanks Joe! It's pretty 335 sounding dontcha think? However...

This was a VA tele set to bridge HB with a bit of tone roll off at the guit. The HB is a Duncan pearly gates that I melted out.


Hey Carl_Tone, very nice tone and feel. Tele HB sounds superb! What amp ?


I used a light OD on my Fuchs ODS 50 with a 2x12 cab 1 Celestion G1265 and one Emi RWB in it.
Also there is a little clean headroom boost from my Pignose G60VR head / 2x12 cab with 1 Celestion G1265 and 1 Emi Delta Pro in it.
Below is an older shot of my rig...the cabs are now reversed as I get a little more high end from my Fuchs with the purple slot back cab. The Fuchs cab is closed / ported.



sweet and tasty...very nice.

Thanks alot!

Hi Greg,

You win! You sound like I'm trying to sound. :D
Fat and juicy.


Mats N

Thanks Mats!

If what I did here is your goal and you want to do it with 'devices' then that should be easy. You will need 2 devices as well as an ABY or a 2 out volume pedal so you can play thru both at once.

Lets say that device A is an Ethos. Set it to a light OD tone.

Lets say that device B is just something you picked up cheap to do fender tone...we'll call it a Johnson J station.

Both of these have outputs that need to be mixed so they go into a mixer that we'll call the Mackie. Now you have a Dumble tone which is like a compressor so it gives you the juicy. You have a Fender tone as well which acts like an expander so it gives you the fat.

Woila! Fat AND Juicy.

You will of course have to mix them to taste which in my case is almost entirely the Dumble tone with just a bit of the Fender added to taste.

You can set both channels on the Mackie at the same level and just use the volume controls on the devices as the mix controls and then you can fine tune at the mixer.

PS I like to use a volume pedal as my splitter and I can ride the dumble tone up and down with the pedal.
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