Strange wirings


Hey guys. I got a guitar in and the cat wants to do a page type mod. Its an Epiphone les paul with a Duncan in the neck and a passive EMG in the bridge. The Duncan has the standard 4 wire color code, and the EMG has 3 wires: ground, white (hot) and red to wire to split. He brought a 3 way mini switch that's on-on-on. He wants it wired so in one position the Duncan is out of phase and one position splits the 2 pickups and the middle position is neutral. Is this possible with a single mini toggle? And if not how would it be wired up to just do that with the neck pickup? Thanks ahead of time for the input! Cheers!


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First, you need two poles to phase switch. Second, what is "neutral"? And third, no, you can't do all of that with an on/on/on switch, or any other mini-toggle.

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