Strat bridge pick up upgrade


Hi folks!

I currently own a 2008 American strat, which I have upgraded with a custom set from JS Moore (from tonefordays). It is the best pick up set I've ever tried for a nice early 60 strat sound, but I'd like more juice from the bridge pick up.

Neck/middle pick up are A5 magnet, 42 wire with a DC resistance of about 5.7-5.9k. Bridge is 6.2k.

I've tried to contact JS Moore, but he's rather busy these days, so I'm looking for something different.

I'd like something hotter in bridge position (thinking single coiled sized humbucker or a stacked SC) that I could split to get that vintage SC sound when needed.

So I'm kinda hesitating here: I love the Lil 59, but it's a SC sized humbucker, so I'm afraid that the single coil sound won't be great. The other one would be a SD SSL-5, which I think you can tame.

What do you guys think? Which pick up would be best suited for my needs?


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