Strat Bridge pickup replacement... 'bucker or?


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I picked up a MIA Fender Strat (2001) the other day. I'm really digging the tones and I have it playing pretty well, but it still needs a little work. I have not decided if it's a keeper yet, but so far so good. 3TS, 3ply guard, pretty substantial "U" maple neck carve with dark Rosewood board, it's in very nice shape and the wood grain is very nice and has some cool mineral streaking which I dig a lot. The pups actually sound GREAT to my ears; I'm sure I could do booteek with all three, but I'm actually really digging the pups so far.
Anyway, I took off the guard to see what's doing underneath and the route looks to be: humbucker (or P90) neck, single middle, humbucker or P90 bridge. The route for the bridge pickup is hilarious... definitely not perfectly cut, I guess the guy working the CNC was a little tipsy that day lol!
I absolutely LOVE the Suhr Classics with the covered (nickel?) humbucker in the bridge... so freaking classy. Long story longer, I'm wondering if I should try and do this with this guitar. Maybe a Duncan Antiquity in the bridge? Something else? I guess I would have to buy a precut guard and I would have to drill holes into the body to accept the pickup (unless I could just "hang" the humbucker off the guard)?
Or should I look for some type of stacked bucker to keep things easy? I am looking for a nice solid clean tone and a killer rock tone / lead tone from the bridge pup. I hate to lose the strat quack magic in the 4 position (bridge/middle) -- do you think that will be a casualty of putting a bucker or stacked SC in the bridge?
Normally I would move the tone control to the bridge pup, but I want to get more out of this bridge pup. Something that sounds good with a rocking lead tone from a Boogie, SLO, Marshall, etc... but also is "ok" with cleans. Thoughts.
Oh yea, any pics of cool looking Suhr's (or any other) H-S-S guitars welcome!

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I'd go for a single coil size 'bucker. My preference is for a DiMarzio Fast Track 2 which is very clear and loud. It also 'quacks' in combo with a variety of middle single-coils.:cool:


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People love the Fralin SP43 in the bridge. Supposed to be as hot as a P90, but in a single coil size.

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