Strat bridge pickup too quiet?



Strat is a Fender MIM S/S/S config, I bought it a year or so ago and the previous owner had installed a GFS set with new electronics in the guitar.

A friend of mine had a neck/bridge of Duncan Hotrails he wasn't using; me being a former Iron Maiden junkie I wanted to try them out.

I don't think I messed up the wiring or soldering, but the bridge pickup seems way too quiet. The middle (GFS, very classic straty tone) is louder than the hotrail bridge pickup and the neck pickup is WAY louder and thicker than both.

Maybe something wrong with the pickup? What should I start to look at?


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You'd certainly know if the Hot Rails was working properly- it would be way loud and thick. Are both coils working? Do you have a meter handy? What is the reading? You can also try wiring it directly to the jack to test it.

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