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Strat or Tele?

Strat or Tele?

  • Strat

    Votes: 155 49.4%
  • Tele

    Votes: 159 50.6%

  • Total voters


A strat is an ergonomic masterpiece, everything is easily to hand and can be adjusted on the fly whilst playing, I don`t know why, but I`ve always found the Telecaster to be an ergonomic nightmare? I suppose it might get better if I used mine more, but I find the selector switch fouls the volume control when you are playing, the controls themselves aren`t so easily to hand and despite the Tele having the Tele sounds, just purely from the ease of playing side of things, it remains in it`s case unless I specifically want that sound whilst recording and the strat wins out as the go to guitar, at least for playing live!
The volume control is far too "easily to hand"...

Pete Dabell

Too easily...like the volume knob is actually in the way...
Yes, on the strat the controls are all easily reached, the volume control and selector switch can be manipulated at the same time, ie You can switch pickups and also roll the volume at the same time, the two tones on a strat can also be easily reached whilst playing and the tremolo arm is likewise easy to use - all these controls present no obstruction. Whereas with the Telecaster, when you switch to the rear pickup, it comes in close proximity to the volume knob and is awkward to use, then you have to take your hand away to switch pickups. the actual control plate is also someway from your normal picking hand and I for one find them pretty clumsy to use hence "aren`t so easily to hand"


I’m thinking of adding a traditional F style guitar and thought I’d ask what you guys think.

Anyway, I’d love to hear some opinions.
Pictures are welcomed!
I love the feel ,sound and tuning stability of a Tele more than the ergonomics and slightly better upper fret access of a Strat.
Nothing against Teles, but for me the Strat is waaaaay more ergonomic, attractive, and has the edge on versatility.
Yes the horns, belly scoop and arm contour is definitely more comfortable. It is close, but if I have to choose, the Tele has more balls and stays in tune "forever."
I like my Strat (partscaster) as something different to play from time to time. But a Strat would never be one of my main gigging guitars, whereas I would happily use a Tele as my main guitar (and that's exactly what my #1 was for years). A Tele/Esquire is more of the sound I prefer from a Fender style guitar.
Well said, you expressed it better than I could have.
I prefer contoured bodies and belly cuts (and no, I don't have any love handles or a beer belly), and not all teles got those.
I reluctantly agree about the contoured bodies and belly cuts, also the shape of the lower horn on a Strat can get you up to the 22nd fret better. But the Tele just has the sound I like and because of that I am willing to deal with the lesser ergonomics of a Tele.
A good Tele can give you a great neck pick-up tone like a Strat and a spanky in-between (Neck & Bridge). The bridge pick up is where the money is. Nothing is more satisfying than a beefy bridge pickup. Tele's can be huge sounding. Great for every style of music from Jazz to Rock. YMMV
Love the Tele neck pickup tone! Also if you put in a 4 way switch on a Tele, you get an awesome neck and bridge in series sound, HUGE! All my Teles have 4 way switches.


You learn to manage your picking hand placement quick enough that it doesn’t stay a problem for most people.
Gibsons are my main squeeze so I never truly get used to the strat volume knob or middle pickup being in the way.


I don't think there a wrong choice as they are both iconic for a reason. I find Strats very comfortable to play and can't imagine not having one (currently have a Highway 1 with RW board). One the flip side I've been through 3 Teles and not likely to get another one any time soon.

El Rey

Double Platinum Member
No such thing as either or, both....if you had to choose, a tele unless the trem scream at you so a strat then.
If I had to make that choice....I wouldn't.

But since I don't have to make that choice, I have both. More than one of each.

Always have.

Always will.

They'll pull them from my cold, dead hands. :eek:


I like the look and pickup configuration of your Reverend Eastsider T guitar. Was this one a custom order? I have a tobacco sunburst Eastsider T myself, but am digging on that P-90 neck pickup.

Guitar George
Wilwood Exclusive. They've done a couple runs so far will prob do more if I had to guess.

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