strat pickguard needed PLEASE HELP!


I have a franken strat that desperatly needs a mint green pg however, the guy that took the liberty of putting my white pickguard on, used this odd 11 hole one that seems to be very rare. I dont want to add any more holes to my axe and was wondering if anyone here knew where I could find a mint green one in this configuration(notice the hole near the toggle)


Anmy help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time- Ig
Callaham has two different 11-hole pickguards, one vintage, 1959-63 design and a later design currently used on American Standards. Both are available in mint.


Pickguardian in ohio. I think. I ordered an antique creme pearloid for a tele goldtop finish in thinline style and it was 50 bucks but well worth it. From now on, I'll get all my pickguards from him.


based on your picture, the one from ebay would work just fine. The hole towards the bottom of the toggle is in the same place, but may look off because of the angle.

The only 11 hole I've seen on a strat that was off was the pickguard on my MIM Classic Player's 60's strat, which had a screw hole along the edge halfway between the neck and middle pickup rather than closer to the middle pickup.

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