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Strat Pickups... which out of this list?!...



I'm completely overwhelmed by the huge amount of choice out there when it comes to settling on a set of Strat pickups.
My quest started a while back with the Bare Knuckle Mother's Milks, and it's been a bit a love/hate relationship. Sometimes I love them but at other times I find them to be too bright and a little thin sounding. I really would like something a touch warmer in the neck position and definately want something warmer in the bridge position too, (I barely use the bridge pickup as it's just too shrill to my ears).
But there are aspects of the neck and middle that I really like, they seem very articulate and defined compared to the stock pickups I had in there and they definately have that vintage vibe going on.
So, I guess what I'm looking for is something that retains that vintage vibe but gives me a slightly warmer and more even/balanced tone.
So far, after many hours... possibly days of reading, I've narrowed it down to the following...

Don Mare Josie/Vaughan
Van Zandt Vintage Plus
Van Zandt Blues
Fender Custom Shop 69
Lollar Blackface
Lollar Special Series
Bare Knuckle Irish Tour or Apaches

Godamn it's so tough to choose! PLEASE HELP ME!!! :crazy

Xan :)
Email Tim at Bareknuckle and ask him to wind you a set of Custom '62 pickups - they're not listed on his website, but he does make them if you ask for them. I've got them in my '62 strat and they sound exactly like you describe you're looking for.


Thanks for all the input guys, it's much appreciated. So I've added more to the list...

* Fralin Vintage Hot
* Bare Knuckle Custom 62'
* Chevalier Pickups 1967

I don't think I've ever found it more difficult to make a decision!!! :crazy

Xan :)

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