Strat/tele playability help PRS content too


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Hey there,

Have a question on the playability of a strat and or tele. I have one of each, and love my am deluxe tele, but definitely love my strat fir what it does.

I stepped into a PRS Mira, which I find a blast to play. I think the regular neck carve on this thing fits me perfectly, BUT even splitting the coils, doesn't give me that tele or strat tone I love. BUT, and I mean BUT, I am finding that for ME and my LEFT HAND, I like that 25 inch scale length. Gives me that easy playing feel and I can get to certain chords and notes easier.

So, what should I be looking at in that scale length that will get me that tele or strat tones? I looked at the PRS version of a strat, and I am intrigued, but it's the 25.5 scale length though. Any ideas? I thought I saw a post on this recently, but couldn't find it again. FWIW I do have a tribute les Paul that I love, but am solely looking at the tele strat type thing. AND YES, I known there will be tonal differences even if I took my strata and put a short scale length neck on it. Open to that idea for a partscast build too.

Thanks for the help.
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PRS CE series (22 or 24) or Johnny Hiland sig. model both fit the bill...bolt on maple necks/25" scale length...both are discontinued now but easy to find used, esp. CEs.


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My main gits are a CE22 and a 22 fret Tele with old school pups. I switch back and forth a lot. Sone thoughts:

I run 10-52 on the PRS and 10-46 on the Tele. Gets me closer to sim string tension, especially with the wraparound bridge on the PRS.

As for toanz, coil splitting the PRS and using an EQ can yield some Fendery twang. The Tele get pretty fat using the EQ in the opposite direction too.

I use a Diamond Boost EQ so I can match signal gain btw the two easily.

I really think the maple bolt-on neck of the CE22 helps things move in a Fendery direction in general.


Perhaps the new 25.25" scale length DC3 or NF3 would get you there, or a 25" scale Swamp Ash Special (old or new version). These models all feature bolt-on maple necks and 3 pickup configuration.

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