Strat with bindings


I have been playing around with the thought of a Strat with bindings.
I seem to remember that I've seen a few and I liked what I saw.

Let's see some pictures :)


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I heard that Fender will soon be releasing an EJ Strat with a bound rosewood board. I like my EJ Strat better than my three CS Strats.


This strat style guitar has binding and a 'row' of abalone all around's a lot of 'bling' for a guy like me.


The "Aerodyne" strat has binding.

There's one on Ebay

Imo....They are pretty cool, a little dfferent than the norm, 22 frets, rad top. I've got one that I spiced up a bit. I threw in some Emgs and Sperzels and a Hipshot. I'll try and get some pic together and post them. It looks so cool, I wish I had more use for it...It's just not my best sounding guitar. You get good sounding pieces of wood or not I guess.

Be cool.



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I see so many posts saying a guitar looks cool.
This is one of the few where I really agree. Some bling there.
What's so cool to me is the through body string attachment.


Tell us how that guitar sounds and how you like it and some of the details about it. Very cool.
Ok. Well for those who aren't aware of the specific model it is an ESP/LTD H-1000. The body and neck are mahogany and the body has a maple cap. It has a set neck so it is almost like a Les Paul/Stratocaster hybrid by the construction notes of a Les Paul and look of a strat style.

The first picture you can see it had a different bridge pickup. Stock pickups were Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge and '59 in the neck. Very versatile guitar and I do love the JB pickup but I have a half-dozen guitars with the JB in the bridge so I swapped the bridge pickup out for a WCR Ironman. Anyone who knows this pickup knows that it is a real screamer for high gain stuff. I wanted to put a custom pickup in the neck position too and even had one on hand but I could not take that '59 out of the guitar. It just sounds so perfect. Creamy and thick, like it is singing. A nice contrast to the dangerous sound of the Ironman.

The guitar has a nice feel too with a smooth neck (typical ESP/LTD in my opinion) and very solid feel although a lighter instrument than one might expect. I really like the string through body as well which I tend to see mostly on teles even though Teles don't have the obvious string through set-up like on this guitar. I see many Schecter guitars like this and it seems Ibanez have some too. Maybe this is a feature which is becoming more common.

Other features of this guitar are Sperzel locking tuners, 24 fret neck and 3 position blade switch. I can't think of anything else to say about it really other than it is one of my favourite guitars in my herd of 'too many'.
Here are some more pictures showing the back which is quite understated/muted in relation to the 'over the top' front:





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