Strawberry Letter #23 !!

Gig Young

- The McLean Stevenson of guitar -
The whole album Inspiration Information is just brilliant. SOs tone with his 335 is one of the sweetest I've ever heard.

Thank you. Probably later tonight I'll check some of his catalog.
He's an interesting fellow, esp starting so strong and full at such a young age

Tim Bowen

I do dig the original Shuggie side a bunch. Might be sacrilege, but I prefer the Brothers Johnson cover if held at gunpoint to choose between the two. Much has to do with the aforementioned stellar Louis Johnson bass track.

It happens, preferring a high profile cover to a recording by the original artist. Wilson Pickett's reading of the much maligned Mustang Sally to Mack Rice's original version; Deep Purple's version of (Joe South's) Hush to Billy Joe Royal's; Manfred Mann's Earth Band's Blinded by the Light to Springsteen's; Hendrix's All Along the Watchtower to Dylan's; Jeff Beck Group's Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You to Dylan's; pretty much everything Linda Ronstadt ever recorded (for me, yep, even the Little Feat and Elvis Costello tunes), to list but a few personal examples.


Shuggie Otis, Graham Central Station, and Brothers Johnson were all big influences for Prince. Folks typically quickly cite James Brown, Hendrix, Sly Stone, Miles, Beatles, and EW&F, and rightfully so, but Shuggie, Larry G, and Bros. J all tweaked Prince Rogers Nelson's ear in a major way along his path.

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