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String Gauge / Setting up a 3/4 size guitar for Christmas Gift


Just got these two awesome little guitars for my son and my nephew for Christmas.

I'll be doing my best to get them set up properly before they go under the tree.

My biggest question is string gauge.

I believe these come with 8's. I think thats ridiculous as the short scale leaves far to little string tension. I was planning to go with 9's but now Im thinking 10's.

Am I right taht strings are "hard to play" because of tension, rather than thickness, right? Even a set of 8's still has thick strings, but they are under less overall tension than thicker guages.

So as I try to mind f*** this situation, Im thinking 10's . Anyone have any first hand experience?


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My son has 1 of the mini Strats. I string it with 10s because 9s felt to slinky to me and he doesn't have a preference yet

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