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StringDog Guitar Strings

Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by bilbal, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. bilbal

    bilbal Member

    Feb 8, 2007
    Did anyone else take the makers of these strings up on their free trial offer? I did. They were delivered about a week or so after I competed the online questionaire. My personal opinion of them is that they are pretty killer strings. They seems to have a very long break-in period at all. All too often are the strings I usuallt buy a pain in the... because it takes awhile for them to get to the point where they don't slip. The Stringdogs sound fantasic too. Another cool idea is the fact that they include an extra "B" and "E" string with the pack. How many times have you bought a new set only to have either of the highest strings break? I have had it happen often. Maybe it's just my bad luck (????) I think including the extra strings is a great idea. Others have told me that they remember other companies doing this years ago. In the 30 years I have played and bought guitar strings, I have never gotten anymore than 6 strings in a pack unless I was stringing my 12 string - LOL!!:crazyguy

    Anyway... I love the strings and recommend at least giving them a shot. I'll admit the only reason I did the trial offer was because I'm a sucker for free stuff. Imagine my surprise when they turned out being great, tone-full, and strong alternatives to my faithful D'Addarios. I'll definitely be outfitting all of my guitars with them. I wish I could buy them in town. I wonder how long before they will be more available. (??)

    Thanks guys, Good stuff!!!!
  2. CaseyI

    CaseyI Member

    Aug 21, 2006
    SW Washington
    I also rec'd a free set and was surprised how much I liked them. I didn't have to fight with them for intonation when I first put them on which was nice. I really like the feel of the strings as well. I usually use elixir nanowebs to reduce string squeak, I could see myself buying a box of the stringdogs, 10 sets for $39 bucks is well worth it.
  3. mockoman

    mockoman Member

    Jun 9, 2005
    Beneath the Blue Suburban Skies
    Same here,I went for the freebie,but also because of the association with Joe Naylor,who is a knowledgable guy,and a class act.

    I,too,was suprised by how much I liked the strings.I like how they have a little extra twang & snap on the wound strings,with a smooth high end on the plain strings.

    And,when I bought a box of ten,it really was a box of 12!
  4. 4styx

    4styx Member

    Dec 14, 2006
    3rd Stone from the Sun
    Ya gotta link?
  5. KeithC

    KeithC Silver Supporting Member

    Dec 5, 2005
    I went for the free offer too. Really liked them as well. But, they are not available in the gauge I would normally use...10-52.

    That said, they do seem to be very good strings.

    I also have one of their guitar cables. Nice cable too!
  6. BarryJ

    BarryJ Supporting Member

    Dec 31, 2005
    I was in on that deal too - did my review here a couple weeks ago. They're still holding up well - enough that I'm probably going to bite the bullet and buy a box, so I can check them out on my other instruments.
  7. clemduolian

    clemduolian Silver Supporting Member

    Nov 5, 2005
    Somewhere in the Charente, near Sheep
    I was lucky enough to get in on the free strings offer. Finally put the set (.11s) on my Thorn Junior Ninety and gigged with them last night. They are really good...in tune, good feel and great sounds out the P-90s.

    The extra high B & E are a cool throw back to another time (that I remember). Best of all is the price point...very competitive with any strings out there and priced better than most. Considering that they sound/feel as good or better than any strings I've used recently (GHS, Pyramid, SOB), I think StringDog is on to something! Plus, their communication and follow through is excellent. Seems like a company that's on its game and wants to take it to the next level. I'm proud to support that.

    And, thanks for the strings SD. THEY RAWK!!!
  8. mapleneck72

    mapleneck72 Member

    Mar 1, 2006
    I restrung my Cobra with my free pack of Stringdog 11's last week and played them for 2 practices and a gig. They stayed in tune and sounded great. I'm a longtime D'Addario EXL115 user and I notice that these strings don't have as much "ping" unplugged. However, I didn't notice any tone difference plugged in. Initially, I thought the tension was a little less than the D'Addario but in the end it felt the same. The locking tuners on my Cobra usually require a little more attention on the B and high E strings for D'Addarios to make sure that it catches the string. The Stringdogs did not have this issue, which was nice. I did have to spend more time stretching out my strings than I normally do. It was slightly easier to restring because I didn't need to check the ball end color and just went to the next envelope. The packaging is like what D'Addario used to be like back in the day.

    If you're not loyal to a brand, you should consider using these strings:
    Good tone, stay in tune
    Extra B and high E strings
    Joe Naylor knows what he's doing
  9. gkelm

    gkelm Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2004
    DFW, TX
    Finally got around to strining mine up...put them on my TA Cobra. The extra E & B surprised me, I had forgotten about that. Like a lot of guys, I've used D'Addarios for years, have been generally pleased and not too motivated to try something new, but couldn't pass up the freebie offer.

    Initial impression: great strings! Did my usual stretching (pull on each string, tune/play & repeat)...and they settled in & and tuned up very nicely. Solid feel and balanced tone, and seem to be quite stable.

    I'll probably order a box of 10s, or maybe pick them up at the Arlington show on October. May try one of their cables as well. Thanks Joe & Jay!


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