Stripping down the chrome on cheap hardware.


Anyone try this? Replaing the jazzmaster bridge on a partscaster. Dont need anything special but thought of stripping down a cheap chinese bridge and seeing what was underneath.

If it works, great. If it doesnt i am out 15$

Anyone try this? The only acid I have at home is white vinegar.. I have heard Coca Cola works I supposed I could buy a can.. :D


Acid wash won't do it. Most substrate metals are more reactive than chrome (that's why you use chrome) so the substrate will etch out from under the chrome. In a plating shop, if they have to do it, they use electricity in a reaction that's the reverse of plating, called electrostripping. Doesn't usually leave a very nice surface, so subsequent polishing and replating is usually required.


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No acids or treatment from most at home sources will remove chrome. It's different from gold in that chrome is a change to the outer layer of nickel and not just plated over the top. The only way is to send the parts to a plating facility.

I work for advanced plating where we have a chrome strip tank where we have a heated caustic and uses a reverse electroplating process that will extract the chrome from the nickel and should leave you with straight nickel parts considering the original plating was worth a damn to start with.

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