Struggling to find time for guitar?


Hey guys,

Recently I've been working with few guitar students of mine who struggled to find time for practicing and playing guitar. I've taught them a simple scientifically proven way how to find time for their guitar and it worked really well so I thought I will share it here.

As I said, the technique is pretty simple. What you've got to do is to decide in advance when and where you are going to practice. That's it! Foolproof, right?

Scientific research showed that people who decide in advance when and where are they going to do something were successful in 91%! This is fascinating because people who didn't have such a plan were successful only in 31%.

If you want to make 91% sure you will practice your guitar tomorrow, decide now when and where are you going to do that. I use this technique everyday with great success.
If you struggle with being consistent, try it and let me know how that worked for you.

How do you keep your guitar practice consistent? Do you have a technique or ritual that you use?

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When I was younger I stopped watching TV in favor of making music. Voila, plenty of time for music. As an adult, finding time is tougher, but I'm still able to do it.


I just know I've got to spend that 2 hours every day with the guitar in my hands, and get started when I've got at least that much time before I've gotta go to bed lol


I do none of the above. My time to play the guitar is something I do to unwind and relax. There are no strings tied to when doing it (haha, get the pun?) Seriously, I play when I want to play. If I tried to schedule playing, it would just become one more thing on my plate instead of what I do for downtime.

That said, I have no obligations to meet through my guitar playing. I am not in a band, I don't generally play in public, and the pursuit of improving is somewhat natural. So there really isn't necessity for me to practice as opposed to what some other people might encounter.


Maybe the real trick is to get a habit of practicing every day, five minutes or five hours, as long as it happens every day, independently of what time.


Pick one of the most important aspects of music, time studies .
Focus on one time / rhythm concept for 5 minutes a day.
If you can't find time for that, fuggettaboutit

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