Strymon Deco: In the Loop or Out Front?

Jess 1971

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I love the lag time effect of the Strymon Deco in the effects loop, but the saturation side sounds much better in front of the amp. I currently have my Dec in the effects loop because I have enough overdrives and boosts already, but it would be handy if I could make better use of the pedal's full capabilities.

Where are you running your Deco, in the effects loop or out front?


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I’ve tried it everywhere and then in mono, strereo, wide stereo…I prefer it after drives but in front of another delay in mono. It has a sound and presence all its own that makes it hard to turn off.
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In front for sure. I use it as an OD/Boost, slapback and analog, all vintage kind of FX that work best in front of the amp. If I was using it for doubling then the FX loop would make sense, but in general after the mic would be even better, like a recording effect.
Mine in front , but right before delay and reverb. This way I can make use of the saturation as a light compression before delay, or as a kind of main fx volume, or a boost/ dump, or just post modulation gain (for parked wah...).


I generally prefer all modulation and slapback pretty early in the chain, so I prefer the Deco in front of my (dirty) amp.


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I use mine first in the loop before reverb, trem, and boost. I've got it set up to use as a 2-repeat delay and a fav switch for tape flange. I use the sat side, not as a dedicated boost but, to compensate for turning my guitar volume down to add a different flavor of grit when the volume gets really low.

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