Sold Strymon El Capistan V2


Hi all - I've had the El Cap for a few months and while it sounds great it's just more pedal than I need. I'm looking to get into something analog voiced, maybe with a simpler control set. Something like a Skreddy Echo, Disaster Transport, or even one of the Malekko Lo Fi pedals (with appropriate money added on your end in any case) Nothing physically larger than the El Cap though. I'd do a straight swap for a V2 Brigadier as well.

The El Cap is in perfect shape with Dual Lock neatly applied. Complete with power supply, box, etc. I would much rather work out a trade + cash deal, but I would sell outright for $270 as well. Hit me up with offers or questions, thanks!

Edit - I forgot to mention a couple other things I require in a pedal for trade consideration, top jacks are greatly preferred (this is going on a Pedaltrain Nano), and the ability to have trails is a must. Thanks for the offers so far, keep them coming!
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