Strymon Iridium or Walrus Audio Mako ACS1?


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I’ve owned both the Iridium and ACS1 simultaneously and am surprised too at all the ACS1 criticism. If you want lots of gain on tap or the sum to mono switch, the Iridium is the way to go. Otherwise, I find the ACS1 far more amp like in it’s sound and feel, a better pedal platform, and more flexible for seperate stereo amp models. It isn’t even all that close IMO.

If you are going to compare, update the ACS1 to the latest firmware, load identical IRs, and run these two side by side objectively. In my case the results weren’t even that close. Playing through my pedalboard into the ACS1 feels like I am playing into my vintage Vox and Fender amps. I could not quite achieve this with my Iridium.


Any chance , anyone got to compare UAFX Ruby with these 2 ? Thinking of buying .. but no dedicated headphone out is a bummer for now ..
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