Strymon power-up/ Voodoo Lab PP 2


Wondered is anyone knew how the Strymon Lex works with the Voodoo Lab PP2 ??? I had it working just fine, and a day later was acting weird. Then I tried the strymon adapter, everything worked fine. I checked the connections with the PP2 too. Aren't a couple of the outputs on the voodoo lab pp2 designated for something different ? Please advise, Thanks


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The PP2+ will work (as noted above), but the older PP2 does not have the necessary mA if I remember correctly.

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The PP2+ on outlets 5 and 6 have (I believe) a 250mA current draw ceiling. I believe that's the absolute minimum that you would have to have to power the Strymon pedals. If you are already using outlets 5 or 6 and still having issues, you may still not be drawing enough current. You could get a parallel wired Y-cable from Stomping Ground or Analogman and double up 2 outlets - a regular outlet and one of the 5/6 outlets (i.e. outlets 4 and 5 or 5 and 6). This would give you 350mA of current to use, which is more than enough to power the Strymon pedals.


This direct from the Strymon site:

Can I use a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+?
You can, but please take these precautions:
First, make sure the dip switch on the bottom of your Pedal Power is set to the NORMAL (9V) position. Do not subject your Strymon pedal to any voltage above 9V. Doing so will damage your pedal and void your warranty.
El Capistan, Brigadier, blueSky, Lex, Ola, and Orbit, require a minimum of 250mA. You will need to use output 5 or 6 on your Pedal Power 2+. OB.1 requires 20mA, so you can use outlets 1 through 4.
Make sure to use the Pedal Power 2+, the original Pedal Power 2 does not provide enough mA.


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