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Sold Strymon Timeline 2015


PayPal Friends and Family - $425 shipped.

For sale or trade is a Strymon Timeline!

It's in amazing condition as well as being a 2015. Why's the year important? Less wear, has the darker grey enclosure (much nicer looking in my opinion), and no worries about getting a unit with the old firmware.

I just think I am finally coming to terms with not needing a delay computer, haha.

My trade interests? A delay with tap-tempo as well as a tap-tempo input (accepts an external tap switch) along with cash to match the value of a Strymon Timeline.

Comes with box, power supply, and papers.

What I don't want? Boss DD-500, Boss DD-20, analog voiced/analog delays (I've got a Bellwether to cover that end) and etc.

I'm also ALL SET on drives and Reverb as well.

Feel free to message me!

I'm a preferred seller on Reverb (70+ sales), have multiple reviews on TGP and TalkBass, etc.



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