Strymon Timeline feature requests


I haven't seen this thread, so I thought it would be worth starting. For those who have had a chance to work with this excellent product, you no doubt find things that could be done a little better.

For me, one challenge has been to figure out the settings of a patch. So, what I'd like them to do is to allow you to turn a knob and have the value of that know displayed. So, if the modulation speed went from 0-99 and the current patch has speed=57, then twist that knob and the display shows 57. When you modify the speed knob, the display shows the current encoder count.

Another easy one: a librarian! :) Of course, we know that one is one the way!!


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It's easy to find your settings, when you turn a knob you can find the saved setting because the light turns color when you hit the right spot.

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