studiomaster trackmix 24



i have a offer to buy vintage Studiomaster trackmix 24 recording console,and i need advise.

Basically,i m familiar with this console,BUT,I'm not a tech tip,and don't know much about servicing.
I'm was checking all 24 individual channel and everything works fine except one channel -ha ha -channel 13!:D

Line In's is ok,mic In's is ok,eq sections works fine,gain is ok,faders is ok,
no cracking,poping,hissing or anything bad from the console or from any of 24 channel.
Sends working,etc etc...One of the sub's have no right channel,but i can live with that...:rolleyes:

Here is the problem.Occasionally, from time to time,console start to loose sound(more on the right channel)! Studiomaster have a midi mute option(for which i don't really care about)and midi mute is not in working condition.Because I'm notice that when the sound start loosing,the flash indicator of the midi mute is sometimes start blinking(btw,the midi mute switch is fiksed with peace of paper..)is this a possible that midi mute is the reason for this problem?
If it is,how much is complicate and expensive to simply put midi mute out from function and will this be a solution for problem?
If its not midi mute,what else can be a problem?
I'm notice also when i push the surface of the desk near the master section,sound is come back and works fine for a while.

Mu questions is:
If i buy this Studiomaster,what malfunctions and expenses:worried is in options for servicing,and getting in good condition?


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