Stupid powering question ^^

Mr. Tone

Hi everybody :D

I have question about powering :D

Do I have to unplug my DC BRICK of my pedalboard each time I stop playing or can I leave it plug all the time? I have this question, because when the DC BRICK is on, a blue light always stay on it and my Boss loopstation RC3 always show the number in red light when I leave it on. I don't know if you understand? I unplug it because I don't know if it hurt my DC BRICK and my RC3...

And I read somewhere that when you finish playing, you should always unplug your Fender blues junior III (my amp). Do I need to do this?

Sorry for my really stupid question,, I really feel stupid :(

Thank you if you can help me !


Personally, I place all my power adaptors on one of those surge protectors. Then when I finish playing i turn off my amps and then just flick the switch at the wall.

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