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Sugarfoot Rag


Silver Supporting Member
Junior plays it in G, Hank Garland (the composer) played it in A. Look for Hank's version and transcribe it. I play it on lap steel, never bothered on guitar. It's easy enough. Jim Campilongo sent me his chart on it for a gig, but it was written in standard notation.


I don't have the tabs but for listening purposes, I'd suggest checking out Brent Mason's and Jimmy Bryant's versions of it. Blazing speed and clarity! Also, just for the record, there are words to it, too.

Poppa Stoppa

I have played this once or twice, seem to remember the key to getting the C# in the ninth bar to sound right is to put a capo on so it rings with the open string above. For that version Neer tabbed you put the capo on the second fret (if I recall correctly!). Anybody else do this?


Gold Supporting Member
This is Campilongo's chart. I'm not sure what the changes on the bottom are for, I never got to play it with him.
I'm pretty sure those are 'alt' changes for the second half. See the *
Lots of Texas style fiddle tunes use those changes I believe.

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