Suggestions for a lightweight guitar that can shred?


Hi guys (and girls) just wondering what your personal suggestions are for a guitar that has the following qualities:

1) Is under 7.5lbs the closer to 7 or even 6 the better (literally I don't want to kill my back-- this is a big point since I currently have a very heavy single cut which proves difficult)--

2) Is NOT Gibson

3) Is good for metal as well as blues

4) Has a trem (can be an FR I don't care that much)

5) Under $2400 but over $1000. (I don't want to buy a cheap guitar I want something that will last for a long time and has a great sound and is well built)

6) Cannot be from China! (had a bad experience with one once), any other country origin is ok though.

7) Must have a bone or graphite nut (no cheap nuts!)

8) Fretboard - prefer rosewood...but I'll take maple in lieu of if the rest is awesome

Bonus: locking tuners, stainless steel or similar frets that last. I was trying to find a guitar that has more aggressive pickups, like bare-knuckles (war pig), or seymour duncan black winter-- but I haven't found one yet... but I'm open to suggestions.

Color- anything but hideous glitter - or pink (barf-! no offense those look tacky!) #sorrynotsorry :0


Jackson Soloist. I have an SL3X which is Indonesian; the SL3 is Mexican I believe. Great neck, versatile pickup selection, top fret access like nothing else I've ever played. There are plenty of other options too if you prefer a different configuration.

If you want a traditional trem then the Charvel DK range would be worth a look too

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Ibanez S - take your pick of features and price. They have great ergonomics and are light as could be. My S771 hardtail is under 6lb with most trem models well under 7.

Another option, though maple boards only, is the AZ series. More traditional layout, non-locking trem that has damn near flawless tuning stability, stainless frets, tusq nut, locking tuners, still crazy light. My AZ242 is under 7lb as well.


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New only or is used okay? With that budget you can basically get 90+% of guitars that exist with your specifications on the used market.

You have to buy from a seller (new or used) that lists weight though (new or used) as the weight can vary an entire pound model to model.

Just a comment on Jackson Soloists, I would spend extra money over a new Indonesian build and buy from the used market... either a made in Japan Jackson Professional model (any one you like as long as it has mother of Pearl inlays) or a USA model.

How about this one? It’s at the top of your range but, worth it. PM me if interested. I haven’t listed it on TGP yet but I will:

USA Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty Monarchy 6lbs 12 oz
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Kiesel can do all of that, graphite nut, stainless frets, whichever color or fretboard you want, they can do an original Floyd, or you can get one of their headless guitars, with a Hipshot trem. I mention headless, because if you want lightweight, thats the way to go. If you do headless, and a chambered body, you'd likely be under 7lbs.


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My Ibanez AZ242 is perfect for you, I got it on blowout for $1000 last year, and I'm changing the pickups, but it's light, plays like butter, stays in tune etc...
my other idea would be a used PRS CE24 from the 90s, which are fantastic, but not always as light as you want


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Guitars don't shred, players do. Any guitar can shred if the player has the chops.

In the price range you are talking about, used Anderson, Tyler, Suhr, or Grosh could be found.

The fellas filled in the lower end options pretty well.


That puts you in strat or tele type range.

I have semi hollow, chambered, lightweight, and heavy strat types with all sorts of configurations.

All can shred.

My quick and dirty analysis:

For shred, I see more immediate attack, bright sound, long sustain, etc.
That says solid body and heavier weight. I wouldnt go below low 7s personally

For fusion type shred, where more creaminess is wanted, the sub 7 lb chambered guitars are a better choice.

But then again, I dont do shred or fusion. It's what my ears tell me whenever I pathetically attempt either.


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This. An Ibanez S6570Q. Awesome Lo Pro Edge trem, lightweight mahogony/maple thin body. About 2K new.

Screenshot_2020-11-29 Ibanez Prestige S6570Q - Natural Blue.png

A used early '90s Jackson Soloist Pro MIJ, like mine. I've had fun experimenting with mods to this one. I've tried a few different bridge HBs to have more heat than the stock Jackson J50BC. Currently have a Jackson J80C (Goldilocks) and a Jackson Rail at the neck for a beefier neck tone. I like the fact that these sound slightly different than Duncans/Dimarzios I've heard. Not many people left the Jackson pickups in for all these years, but I love 'em! Also did a titanium 32mm fat block and titanium trem claw for a naturally brighter attack. It's one of my main guitars for '80s style metal. It is my defacto guitar for any Ozzy/Rhoads material. I also have a recent Indonesian Soloist Pro, which is excellent, but the old MIJ is clearly in a higher class. They cost about the same if you buy the Indonesian model new.

Oops, I forgot, this high quality piece is just over 8 lbs! But it doesn't feel heavy in the slightest, just solidly built. I can't imagine worrying about 0.5 or even 0.6 lbs when a guitar sounds as good as this one...


I agree, if you can play those super thin and flat wizard necks I'd choose the Ibanez S Prestige, you can't go wrong there, just beautiful instruments with a nice double locking trem.
If you need a thicker neck I'd pick the SZ series or even a Charvel Pro Mod DK24, but that one has a baked maple fretboard.
Or you could just buy a Charvel Guthrie Govan sig, and hit the homerun right there.


I almost always recommend Schecter but their guitars run heavy. My last shredder from them was a C-1 neck thru that ran 9.5#. The Banshee Extreme i picked up at GC seemed to be over 9# as well. Jackson and Ibanez seem to run light.


Find yourself a used Parker Fly Classic or Deluxe. 5 lbs., super versatile with the piezo option, locking tuners, vibrato bridge has down only, floating, and locked out ( hardtail) modes. Superb neck, SS frets, more stable than virtually any wooden guitar. Excellent tones for virtually anything (don't let the 5 lb weight fool you into thinking it'll sound "thin"), and a stone-cold world-class neck. This guitar will not constrain you in any way, especially if you are an advanced player.

The only criterion of the OP's it doesn't score 10/10 on is the fretboard, which is composite rather than RW, but it feels like ebony sanded with 600-grit paper for a week.

For yr criteria, a US Parker from a decade+ ago will be hard to equal, let alone beat, IMO


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Strandberg all the way, if you can like the neck shape. It took a bit of time for it to grow on me, but I crave it now.

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