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Suggestions for a new amp?


Hiya, I've still got a perfectly good amp (vox vt40+), but I think the time has come to get a proper amp, that has valves (I know the vox has a 12ax7 in the power amp)and isn't a modelling amp, cos I always get super annoyed when I really want a pedal, but then I remember my amp already has a similar effect. Any suggestions? I'm just a teenager so don't go talking about something like a Mesa dual, or anything over £500 for that matter. I mostly play metal and other things like QOTSA if that helps to make suggestion.

Also, since my parents often want my to put my headphones on, when playing metal at full volume, can headphones handle line level voltages straight from an attenuator?


Maybe some of those Peavey mini heads or Valveking 20 watt? They seem to do metal well at low volume and not to expensive

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