Suggestions for stacking head atop cab


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I have a pair of Bogner 1x12's and would like to put a head on top or stack the cabs for a mini stack but the handle on top of the cabs prevents the head from laying flat on the cabinet.

Any suggestions for keeping the head level and stable on top of the cab?


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I use an amp stand-

I put the head on the stand part up off the ground and tilt a 2 x 12 cab back against the legs of the stand. Reduces the vibration that the head encounters.

MY sense is that the two Bogner 1 x 12' would fit.

Would using the different edges of the cabs work (so that the cab is sideways)???


They would need to be @ 3-4" any idea where to get those?

That sideways suggestion is beautiful in its simplicity & makes a lot of sense.
Thanks for the replies.

most likely you'd still need to intsall feet on the cab to set it on it's side, so you might as well just put them on the head.

3-4" is not needed. bogner heads fit nicely atop bogner 1x12 cabs and they are normal size rubber feet. i'd guess it's 1 inch (edit: i'm talking Shiva here, btw). but no need to guess - call Bogner and ask them what size they use. they're very willing to answer all my silly little questions, so you should have have no trouble getting the right answer.:p


i had this trouble with my boogie cabs (two 1x12" closed backs)

until i just turned the cabs on their sides ... gave me a flat surface on top to set the head on

no problems - no cost solution
good luck

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