Suggestions/rearrange my effects pedalboard?


Here are the main things I am looking for- built in to the effects board:
#1A- Acoustic simulator, looper.
B) already have a Peterson Strobe tuner and a MuTronIII, so not really needing tuner and wah
C) Have thought about pulling the Peterson out and using a rack tuner like a TU-1000
D) DropTune

I have a Digitech DSP 256, HushIIc and an Aphex TypeC in a rack. I use the Digi mostly for light reverb... and use the DuoVerb for modeling.

I am thinking that finding something like an old Boss GT6 would do it, but have looked at M9, M13, PodXTLive, Nova, Utopia, ToneLab, AX3000G, and assorted Digi RP's. They just seem like overkill, yet everytime I get into cover situations, I find that I am missing something key to make a song work...

Confused, yes... 'cause I swore of pedals years ago... but finding myself back into them again.... but I like to use it with the Duoverb, so I am liking preset pedal formulations for different sounding gigs...

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