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    Apr 13, 2010
    Okay, here is what I am running at the moment.

    Lovepedal Believe, LP Tchula, Jetter Jetdrive, Montgomery Appliances Harmonic Dominator, PTD Mini-Bone, EHX Cathedral, MXR Carbon Copy.
    Sometimes a crybaby wah
    LP Studio
    crummy MIK strat
    Reason Bambino

    I am a home player, though if I can manage to get up the courage, I would like to play with other people some day. I mainly like more articulate tones, though I want to freak out when I feel it.

    I am interested in another drive pedal, another fuzz, possibly a trem (don't need choppy, just a nice warm throb), maybe an envelope filter or a noise maker.

    Whats my next move? I am thinking about a Lumpy's Jelly Roll, maybe a buzzaround or something interesting, 3leaf gr2 or WMD.

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