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Suhr Bella Incoming!


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Tried a Bella Reverb last week. Sounded very nice, but for a 44 watt "clean amp," I thought it got dirty pretty quickly. It had a pretty "thick" sounding tone. I had to turn the treble and presence up pretty high and the bass lower. Also, the reverb was really strong, and had to be kept low (though I suppose yours is the non-reverb model).

On balance, it wasn't the right amp for me, but I could see how it work well for others.


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Interesting, I would love to hear more about the reverb model. Does the verb add more gain to the circuit ala a Fender Princeton (extra gain stages and tubes for the verb).


Used one last week when trying some pedals. Though the focus wasn't on the amp, I think it sounded great and took pedals very well. Congrats on the deal!


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I've had one for coming up on 2 years now. I was shocked by how it sounded in the shop, and ended up bringing it home with me.

It's a good clean basis for pedals. I find it more neutral than my old Fenders, but still in a similar vein. The shot below is pretty close to my current setup (Source Audio Vertigo has knocked the Boss TR-2 from the board for now). I run the bottom row in front of the amp, the top row in the loop. There is a bit of noise using the loop because you are adding another gain stage into the amp, but it's far below normal playing volume.

It's a really great amp, and usable for a number of differnet styles. It probably wouldn't be my choice for a metal gig, but you could easily pull Jazz, Country, Blues, Fusion, and Classic Rock tones off with this amp.

The switch on the upper left was one I had made with a light to indicate when the boost is on.



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There's a long standing Bella thread if you use the search function. I love my non reverb combo. Cleans are rich and inspiring. It loves pedals. My favorite setting is 22 watts with the boost engaged and bright switch off. The bass is huge and musical. Think the best sounding Blackface Fender you've ever heard. It's a killer amp design.
I've got a non-reverb combo and I really like it, but I use it mostly for cleaner tones. I've found that I had to try several different OD pedals and discovered that I need pedals with lots of mids to get the tones that I like.

My combo developed a rattle a few weeks after I got it, but Suhr has great customer service and sent me a new set of tubes for free.


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I've had a NR head/cab for a while now and absolutely love it. Super dynamic and rich cleans, punchy tight low end that never flubs out, just a huge robust clean base that sounds like all the good things about fenders with the less desirable things fixed and given a bit of its own character. Great, great amp and a fantastic pedal platform.

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