Sold Suhr Bella Reverb and Cab - Mahogany accents


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Suhr Bella Reverb with matching cab. Mahogany accents on both head and cab which are no longer made.

Bought by me from Overland Guitars out of MS. He's a regular Dumble dealer and excellent guy. When I bought it, here's how he described it in his listing:

"I was a Suhr dealer back in 2016, but now I am semi-retired and no longer a Suhr dealer. So it is time to sell a few things. This amp has sat on a shelf, unsold all these years in our climate-controlled storage area. This Suhr Bella Head is to be sold as a used amp. I recently tried the amp out in our smoke-free home and it sounds fantastic. So this head now has a few hours of use. The amp is in mint condition with no repairs or alterations."

Since getting it I've only put maybe 1.5 hours of playing through in in my bedroom studio at bedroom volumes. I have the original Suhr amp covers as well as the power cord. I also have the original shipping box from Suhr including all foam inserts as well as another double walled shipping box with extra padding. If you're interested you can have all of that.

The cab was bought from a church musician that only used it for a few months in a church setting and then switched to a Suhr PT50 for the IR to go direct. The speakers are just starting to break in. I have a shipping box for the cab as well.

This amp really sings, which is why I'm selling it. I bought it hoping I'd some day play out; but with life, work, etc, that's just not going to happen. So it's up for sale to fund some other projects.

Used in a non-smoking studio-environment for some noodling.

I'm in Nashville, TN.


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