Suhr Buffer wish list


I have one of these and its awesome. I use it to split the signal to my PT100 and Ecstasy. The Suhr has 1 input and then 2 isolated outs to avoid ground loop issues.

I just wish they or someone else would make something like this but with 3 isolated outputs and have it be about the same size or a little bigger.

Its just the other options are just too much. The Radial makes something but its a whole 19 inch rack unit and costs a grand. The Mesa Highgain switcher is cool and I had one before but that is to big and not all of the options on this device are really needed.

Is there something out there that splits the signal and isolates each one without lifting the ground.

The voodoo lab amp switcher is the closest thing out there that has the idea of what I am looking for but I dont want pedal format with on /off switches(I would want each split always on)
...and the size is too big to fit in back of a rack and it solves the ground loop issue my lifting the other outputs and not isolating them like the Mesa High Gain switcher, Radial, and suhr buffer does.

Sometimes I think the grunge movement killed a lot of the development in guitar/amp/effect technology. Basically racks were uncool and pedal boards were the style and unfortunately this still seems to be the case.( I mean come on, some of us still want to be able to switch between multiple preamps into the same power section)
I currently have the preamp sections of my Suhr PT100 and Bogner Ecstasy sharing the power section of the PT100. Would love to be able to drop in a couple more.

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