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Best neck I've ever played and the bridge humbucker turns this thing into a Les Paul. Smooth but angry if you want it to be. The ultimate strat in my opinion. I have pictured a couple small imperfections (one on 2nd fret and one on back of body) but nothing that would cause any issues with sound, etc. You wouldn't even notice them unless someone pointed them out. Other than those it is dead MINT!

Yours for $1750 pp gift (or add 3%)/shipped from Boston.


the Suhr Classic Pro guitar is designed for the player who wants the ability to produce iconic classic Fender Stratocaster tones while having all the benefits of a custom Suhr guitar. The Classic Pro features low noise Suhr V70 pickups, stainless steel frets and modern hardware like Suhr Locking Tuners and a Gotoh 510 Tremolo Bridge! The Classic Pro is the answer to the demand for a Suhr classic guitar without the antiquing of the Suhr Classic Antique. Each Suhr Classic Pro goes through the same renowned individual setup process that $10-15k Suhr Custom guitars go through. For the money, these guitars simply CANNOT be beat.

Each Suhr Classic Pro is built with a two-piece alder body. Alder is known for its rich low and mid-range tonal qualities as well as its lighter overall weight. Suhr takes great care in finishing the body with an ultra "Thin Skin" urethane finish, allowing for the wood to resonate freely while still providing plenty of protection to ensure the longevity of these guitars.

The neck is made from quartersawn maple and features an even Medium C shape with medium stainless steel frets. The frets feature rolled edges and a 9"-12" compound radius, great for smooth bends. These appointments create a comfortable, fast feeling neck with long lasting playability.

The Classic Pro is available with both HSS and SSS pickups featuring the Suhr V70 single coil. The V70 single coil is design to be an exceptionally dynamic and responsive pickup with a balanced tone. They feature tight snappy lows and shimmering highs that have a smooth cutout. Suhr has also incorporated a staggered pole piece design to compensate for the flatted neck and fret radius, this design provides a more even tone and response across the strings.

Weight: 8 lbs 3 oz

Body: Alder, 2 Piece
Neck: Maple w/ Indian Rosewood Fretboard
Neck Shape: Even C Medium, .840 - .920
Nut: Tusq
Nut Width: 1.650"
Frets: 22 Frets, Stainless Steel, Medium
Bridge: Gotoh 510, Non-Recessed, Chrome
Gears: Suhr Locking Tuners, Chrome
Pickguard: 3-Ply Parchment
Electronics: SSCII Wiring, Volume, 2-Tone, 5 Way Blade Selector
Input Jack: Face Jack, Chrome
Knobs: Parchment
Neck Pickup: Suhr V70, Single Coil, Parchment
Middle Pickup: Suhr V70, Single Coil, Parchment
Bridge Pickup: Suhr SSV Humbucker, Black
Finish: "Thin Skin" Urethane
Case: Hard Case

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