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Suhr Classic T - Woods?


Hey guys - looking to do a Classic T (finally). Curious for views on wood combos - I've liked Alder strats, and am currently looking at an alder body, roasted maple neck, rosewood fretboard for a Classic T I'm speccing. I also have actively disliked "plinky" sounding strats/teles in the past, which I've loosely correlated with Ash bodies (I have an Ash strat that's a bit softer/less throaty than my Alder suhr, and I wish it weren't).

Here are my questions:

1.) If I go Alder, does roasting it change anything/provide benefit?

2.) Thoughts on eschewing the "classic" Ash/Maple combo?

3.) Thoughts on Pao Ferro as a fretboard wood over Rosewood?



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I am about to order a custom Suhr Classic T, and I'm going with Roasted Alder body, Roasted Maple neck, and Pau Ferro fretboard.

The tele below has a Alder/Maple/Pau Ferro combo, and I love it to death. That's what I'm hoping for out of the Suhr. I have found that I prefer steel saddles on Alder/Rosewood (or Pau Ferro) teles to brass saddles. The only thing I'm looking at changing when I get the Suhr is the saddles. I like brass on Ash/Maple Teles.

From some of what Suhr said about roasting, the process seems to make the wood a bit livelier. I have a custom Classic Suhr with a roasted maple neck, and I love the look and feel of it. I don't know that it will help the body wood, but I can't imagine it would hurt.

I also prefer Pau Ferro to Rosewood (at least the Rosewood that is now available).



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I really feel that you're best going with classic recipes if you're after classic sounds. I've had an ash/roasted maple neck Suhr Tele and it had much more "zing" to it than the other Suhr Teles I've owned. Super articulate...overly so for me. I traded it back to shop I purchased it from and it's been on the wall for a year and a half now. I've played it a number of times against other Teles and it's just a very edgy sounding Tele. I won't say it's the result of the roasted neck and you can roll the tone back and get satisfying sounds, but I have yet to play a roasted neck that gives me that bloom that I like from a good bolt neck guitar.

I have a Suhr Tele with an alder body and a vintage gloss finish on the maple and rosewood neck and it is one of the better Teles I've ever played. I wouldn't change a thing on it. I think that the alder/rosewood fingerboard is as classic a Tele vibe as the ash/maple..


My #1 is a Suhr T with a solid alder body, roasted maple neck, and an Indian rosewood fingerboard.

The neck is their 50's round shape with a wider 1.687 nut.

Surprisingly it's still a very lightweight guitar.

I agree with the comment earlier about sticking to woods and a configuration you know works well for you. I think of mine essentially as a custom, early 60's tele with a fat neck.


I'm a big fan of Alder bodies and Rosewood fingerboards, no doubt about it. But... was looking to grab a Classic T Pro. Was pretty much committed to the Alder/Rosewood combo but at the last minute reconsidered and ordered one of the Ash/Maple blackguard styles. Really pleased with the wood combo - it's a little on the bright side but nothing the tone control can't tame. In retrospect, I'm glad I went with the Ash/Maple. It's the classic Tele sound I've been looking for. It's a powerful, spanky Tele sound and cuts like nobody's bidness in any band type of band mix I've had it in.

I'm a Tele newbie though, been playing Strats forever and was looking for a change.

Can't go wrong with a Alder/Rosewood combo though.....

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