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Suhr or Mesa?


Are LSS and LSC completely different animals? Would special be closer to, say, marshall-y dirt than classic equipped with EL34's ?
I own a Mark V, I've set it up side by side with a LSC and been able to get the same tone on both channels. The LSS is just a different breed all together.


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Night and day.

LSC is big, Fender Twin. 4 6L6's. I don't not think it gets really Marshally even when putting EL-34's in it. Great SRV-ish amp.

The LSS is 4 El-84's. It's light, airy, chimey and whispy. Breaks up much more quickly. It just won't 'thump" like the LSC. A little scratchy.

Where I love the LSS is when its dialed in to produce tones like Buddy Whittington on the 70th Birthday John MAyall concert (its on YOU TUBE). I know Buddy uses Z amps, but that's the tone I link with the LSS.

Channel 2 on the LSS, thicker engaged, can get close to a big bottle Marhall tone- but its just not quite as organic or pure.

I think the Mesa that does big bottle MArshall the best is probably the Electradyne.
This is pretty spot-on. I have both the LSS and the LSC. They're both excellent amps.

Key similarities:
- EQ that really, really works
- Idiosyncratic drive channel, takes some getting used to, glorious when figured out
- Fendery character at heart

Key differences:
- LSS is chimier and whispier, has a more crackly British-style breakup
- LSC is beefier and has more thwack, smoother and warmer breakup

I'd agree that neither really captures the EL34/Marshall thing on their own, even the LSC loaded with EL34s. The LSC with a good MIAB pedal (I like my Direct Drive Super Sport for this) really kills, though... it has the oomph in the lows and a good Marshall pedal that's voiced for a Fender will put the rest over the top.

I've only played a Badger 30 briefly, and I really really liked it. If I didn't already have a Marshall and really needed something to cover that base natively, I would be aiming for the 30 without hesitation. It's a visceral thing that you can feel in your feet. Nice small format and controllable in a way that Marshalls usually aren't.


Thanks guys! LSS 1X12 combo can be had around 1000 dollars.. I could get a good MIAB pedal and call it a day. Now the downside of that though, would be the weight haha


It does have a nice vintage Marshall sound. Maybe Bogner red to get you the rest of the way.

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