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Finally got to a dealer that sells Suhr guitars. I played a Pro S1, S3, and an S1 with the SSC upgrade.

They all sounded basically the same....which, by the way, was great. I especially liked the neck pickup played through a fender princeton amp. Every note in the chord rang out so clearly. And, although I want a replacement strat, it's clearly not "strat sounding". But it sounds great.

I was wondering, do you guys think the SSC upgrade is worth it? I don't really gig anywhere. I just play at home and with some friends once or twice a month. Haven't been bothered by 60 Cycle Hum at all, really.

The other question I had was whether it was worth upgrading to a classic. Aside from some of the customization, are they any different from the Pro?



if you want the quality and the deep pure sound of a strat you may want to try a don grosh before you make up your mind it may be the buzz feiten tuning the suhr has that makes it sound different


If the hum doesn't bother you, it doesn't bother you. The only time you might want the ssc system is if you are playing some funky room, and I mean a funky room. Otherwise, blow it off. I have a Suhr something-or-other noise reducing gizmo in one of my fender strats, it's cool, but I could live without it.

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