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Sold Suhr PT-100 Signature Edition SE Head - $2,300


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In the middle of a selloff of some fantastic amps to fund a startup business.

Here's another one that hurts - the AWESOME Suhr PT100 head. This is an absolutely INCREDIBLE amp that is so versatile - from beautiful cleans to pushed cleans to classic rock drive to all out saturated sustaining lead tones - with a boost for good measure.

I've had a LOT of two and three channel Marshall style amps and this one is definitely among the top few that I consider elite amplifiers. It's that good.

The amp is in fantastic, near new condition. No issues at all to speak of - maybe a few tiny scuffs on the tolex - but overall it is a near mint, perfectly functioning amplifier.

Comes, of course, with the footswitch and Suhr cover.

Looking for $2,300 all in - shipped and paypal fees included.

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