Suhr Riot vs Wampler Pinnacle II

I just picked up a Pinnacle II... like it....

But wondering if anyone knows how the Suhr Riot compares?

I'm a big fan of the tone that Reb Beach & Doug Aldrich get these days... Reb plays an OD100.. and Doug has a Suhr modded Marshall

Just wondering if the Riot would be a better fit for me...?


I use Les Pauls & Teles into the clean channel of a Bogner Shiva.. with a little compression & a fat boost..

Unfortunately I am unable to stream Youtube or online videos from where I am at currently.

I hope to watch your videos at some point

Guitar Josh

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Well, I'll put it to you like this. I wouldn't sell the Suhr under any circumstances. I don't feel the same about the Pinnacle. However, you can find a pinnacle much, much easier. So it's a matter of priority. Also, if you have a noisy gig generally, I'd say far away from the Pinnacle.

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