Suitable power supply for this set-up...


There are so many options when it comes to power supplies....if you had this set up, which PS would you choose? Ideally I would like to have spare inputs for extra pedals.

Budget up to £200 but may be able to stretch to £250.

Here's my set up:

Front of Amp

Diamond Comp (18v) - Interchangeable with Octa***** Fuzz (9v)
Occasional use of EHX Superego (9v)

The FX Loop:

Morley Little alligator (9v
Ditto Looper (9v)
Grand Orbiter Phase (9v)
MXR Stereo Chorus (18v)
Strymon Timeline (9v)
Neunaber Stereo Wet (9v)
Strymon Bigsky (9v)

That's two 18v pedals, and eight 9v


Gigrig, here's their effects list.

Thing about gigrig is it's modular, add a new pedal in future, just add or re wire the proper adapter to what you already have.

Roughly I'd think base pack 1 or 2, time lord for strymon and a couple of doublers for 18v but you'll need to figure ma draw, etc, you maybe able to do one of the 18v off isolator jumping two 9v for 18v if current doesn't exceed limits of isolator. Go down list, write down all the needed adapter then total it up.
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