sum rock&roll jazz blues

Discussion in 'Member Video and Sound Clips' started by jazzerman, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. jazzerman

    jazzerman Member

    Feb 22, 2005
  2. McLenison

    McLenison Guest

    Nice job Dick! A fun tune too!

  3. jakester

    jakester Guest

    Very nice. I love jazz but unfortunatly just never seem to grasp the talent to play what I hear in my head. Its inspiring to watch your videos as you make it look so easy and the best part is you can tell your having a good time doing it. Thats what music is for. When I played pro the enjoyment went away. I took a sabatacal for a few years and now I have a day job and my music is my true love (oh yeah...the wife too). Great mellow sound with some excellent chops. I believe I saw another one of you videos in here and also loved it. Take a gander at my mess if ya feel like it.
    I wont go into details, but surgery I had in Jan of 2005 really set me back quite a few years. You dont heal up at 50 like you do when you 20. Ill be looking for more videos.
  4. jazzerman

    jazzerman Member

    Feb 22, 2005
    Basically I am a fun player too. I have a day gig and I'd never want to be a pro player because I don't care for playing catered affairs and doing all kinds of corny wallpaper gigs (that's what I call them). I do the occasional gig though and visit jam sessions in my area. Right now I am setting up my own drummerless trio (piano-bass-guitar) and we hope to be gigging within a few months. I have started this video thing for fun but many people seem to dig them so why not go on ....

    I'll visit your website. Take care guys and thanks for viewing.



    P.S. Here are some more links for my latest videos:,-Come-Back-to-Me

  5. Marty Horne

    Marty Horne Guest

    What can I say? I always enjoy your posts; great playing and a nice swinging feel.

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