Sold Sunface,DLS,Naga,DBD,Deeelay,GR,OD2,TT


Fire sale. For real. This stuff has to go. Dirt cheap prices.

Sonic Research Turbo Tuner (ST-200): SOLD!
Strymon DIG: Like new with power adaptor and El Cap box. ON HOLD
Analogman Sunface: brand new, bought from him. Japanese 2SB chip, sunface dial, fuzz knob that disengages the battery. TRADED!
Catalinbread DLS mk III: SOLD!
Catalinbread Naga Viper: SOLD!
Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay (PCB): SOLD!
CMATmods Deeelay: SOLD!
Way Huge Green Rhino Mk II: SOLD!
BYOC OD 2 with custom splatter paint: $50

Prices include USPS Priority shipping with the USA.

I would prefer sales, but go ahead and make trade offers. Doesn't hurt to ask!

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