Super Reverb vs Vibrolux


How would you rate the sound/tones from a Vibrolux Reverb vs a Super Reverb?

Let's say a 73 SR and same vintage VLUX?

Similar tones? What are the big differences? I know the VL has no mid control. Does it a get that crisp clean that the Super gets?

Where I'm going with this -> have a 73 Super, love it but find it a bit bulky. Am thinking about how to get that sound in a 2x10. I like to conversion idea. Is the Vibrolux dramatically different tonally from the Super?

Thanks, any insights are appreciated!!


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Same general food group. But the VR has a smaller OT so that along with two fewer speakers translates to less available low end.


Different animals nothing else sounds like a Super period.
A Vibrolux sounds great in it's own way but it isn't a super no way.
I own 2 Blackface supers and 5 Vibroluxes.

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Real different to me. The SR has a cavernous, big sound. It fills the room. On the clean side, and loud. Kind of spare sound, which boosts up really well. The VR is inevitably smaller sounding. But it's a GREAT smaller sound, and has IMO the most pleasing overdrive sound of the later Fenders. Courtesty probably of the smaller OT.


I have a 73 SR can't say how a 73 VL compares. But the SR is fricken great and sells cheaper because most guys are wimps and think they're heavy.


The mid knob is only on the Reverb channel of the Super Reverb. I own a 69 Super Reverb and a 71 Vibrolux Reverb. The cleans on the Super Reverb are richer than the Vibrolux Reverb. Even on the channel without a mid control, the cleans are superior because it has a deeper low end. I think the enhanced sound of the Super Reverb is a product of the larger transformers and the 4 speakers.


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Where I'm going with this -> have a 73 Super, love it but find it a bit bulky. Am thinking about how to get that sound in a 2x10. I like to conversion idea.

The problem with conversion that doesn't involve replacing the OT is impedance-matching. The SR is putting out 2ohms, a pair of those 10s is going to show 4. You'll lose some signal transfer to a mismatch, which we mainly hear as duller top end. It's not (usually) a really dark blanket effect, but as a SR owner you'll probably hear the difference.


I have a '72 Super Reverb, a '70 Vibrolux Reverb, and a '66 Vibrolux Reverb.

They all have that that patented Fender shimmer and chime.

As you know, the SR is big, loud, punchy and stiff, with piano-like cleans.

By comparison, the VR is smaller, gives up the goods at a much lower volume
(although they can get plenty loud if necessary), has lots of sag (more forgiving), is
sweeter, and has more swirl or dimensionality.

I urge you to try a VR.


SR=big sounding, VR=smaller sounding. 2x10 amps tend not to sound fat/robust enough to my ear. Had a tweed Super for years, ditto a BFVR, and also a Dr. Z MAX 18 2x10 cab. Then shifted over to 4x10 combos -- tweed Bassmans and Super Reverbs working with a louder band. Now working 1x12s. 10" speakers tend to sound "small" to me at stage volumes unless there are three (tweed Bandmaster, Vibroking) or four. Now, if you're a Tele guy, and like a thinner, airy sound, the 2x10 may work. But I've always liked Gibsons or overdriven Strats, and fat tone. If you want full, rich lows . . . SR. Even that amp will fade with the lows at loud stage volumes.


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I sold a reissue Super Reverb that was gutted and replaced with PTP wiring by Vintage Sound Amps for $700 plus shipping a few months back on Ebay.

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Also the Vibrolux is very noisy.

In good running condition, a VR is no noisier than an SR.

I had a '66 VR and a '67 SR. The SR was incredible but too bulky for me to comfortably take to jams, rehearsals and gigs so I sold it and kept the VR.

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Also the Vibrolux is very noisy. I've never played one that was quiet. If you don't mind that kind of thing. A Telecaster sounds like heaven through the Vibrolux though. Good Luck !

My 67' VR is dead quiet, as is my 67' SR. Both great amps. I am happy playing and gigging either amp. I probably decide which to play by venue size and how I'm felling that day.


I own a 1966 Vibrolux Reverb with the Jensen C10NS speakers, the old Jensen's are the best sounding stock speakers for this amp. The 1-1/2" voicecoils do a good job.

I have a 1967 Silverface Vibrolux Reverb that has the Blackface circuit (Adjustable bias) and it came with the Oxford Speakers. The Oxfords are OK, but fart-out. I installed a pair of the old 1957 Gold Label Jensen P10Q speakers in this amp (Organ-Pull) and these speakers are a match made in heaven for this amp.
It's one of my Tele Rigs.

I have 3 Super Reverb amps, 1966, 1967, 1968 and I enjoy them all.
All stock CTS ALNiCo Speakers. Sometimes I swap the speakers, 4 Celestion Gold/40 ALNiCo work well.

But my favorite Super Reverb setup has a 1959 Tweed Bassman Triad Output Transformer and it changes the tone of the amp dramatically. I bought a beat 1960 Concert and pulled the OT for this SR. The Iron has more sustain and is one of the best OT's ever made.

Look at the size of the Bassman OT compared to my HP Twin, the plates on the HP Twin are 2-3/4" long and on the Bassman OT 1-3/8" thickness of plates.


But when I need Big Tone I go for the Twin.


I would say, buy any old Fender Super Reverb or Vibrolux Reverb amp you can.

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