Super Sonic is a Deluxe Zen killer


I have the Zendrive 2 and have used it with my Fender Blues Deluxe and G&L ASAT Special for a couple years, I also used an Empress ParaEq w/Boost and it has been a very nice tone. A great marraige of pedal and amp, and of course the ASAT.

But things changed real fast. I bought the Fender Super Sonic amp.
Now my Zendrive means,, not as much to my tone. The Burn channel of the SS goes right there to Zen territory and does it with no aide. The Zen turns out to be more like a boost than a tone shaper - because the amp was already there. Interesting.
The Zen is not without its place as I'll use it on the Bassman and Vibrolux modes.
Same seems to be true with the Empress ParaEq. it's position in my tone chain has been brought into question. The effects loop of the SS can function as a boost that actually sounds totally natural. So again I have to learn how to use the Empress with this amp. If needed at all.

I only talk about this because this is a great killer amp. It doesn't need any pedals that provide that "D" tone. It has its own "D" tone that is all "F" tone.


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LOVING mine, too.

I find that the on-board gain channel does it all for me, too. This weekend at church I didn't use my other gain stuff hardly at all (Line6 M13 and xotic BB).

I'm not sure it sounds as good as my Dr. Z but it's different and it's fantastic.

I don't like the Bassman channel nearly as much as the Vibrolux (don't really use it at all at this point although if I was a tele guy I probably would), but with the jumpered "effects-boost" trick it's a very versatile amp and loves my pedals and loves my attenuator.

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