Supersonic 22


Hello all!
I am quiet happy with mine, I have read a lot of people complaining about hum, hisses, etc...
It is true that mine, at low level, can be a little noisy, and talking about hum... can someone help about this issues? any trick? Changing tubes? anything else?
And please, If you just want to attack fender amps, or if you think this amp it is not good, I dont want to read nothing about it, just want opinions from people who have this amp and still loves it like me, besides all this issues...
thanks anyway


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I don't own a SS22 but I almost bought one last year.

I really liked amp during my test drive at the store and I am still tempted to buy one. I like the idea of a "DRRI like" amp with a master volume and some gain.

I really did not notice any hum at low volumes.

Hope you get some answers here.


I have no experience with the noise/hum issues some folks have reported, but I really liked the SS22 I trilove d out some years back, especially the gain channel, and I've got a friend who recorded his last album (instrumental rock/prog) with his Supersonic. Sounds great.

Hope some others here can help...

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