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Sold Supro Supreme Lap Steel (late 40's or 50's) -- MOTS pearloid w/ original bakelite controls + pickup


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** Supro Supreme Lap Steel, likely late 40's or early 50's: I believe these were Valco made, and this was the deluxe model. It's in very good condition and will come with original screw-in connector (as shown) in order to plug in 1/4" inch cable. All original bakelite appointments and MOTS pearloid is in great shape!

Original tweed case is included, but both ends are missing. So, case is included for originality, but not very functional.

This lap steel sounds amazing!! Original pick-up is really strong and really quiet. My guitar guy was amazed and wanted it, but didn't have the cash. I've held onto this for years because it sounds so good...but I just suck at lap steel :(

- $450 shipped/paypaled...

Trades: Interested in a Free the Tone AS-1R Ambi Space Reverb as a partial trade.

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