Surprise gigging amp this weekend...


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Blackstar Fly 3. Seriously. A 3 watt battery-powered amp that probably weighs less than a pound.

I was doing low-volume acoustic band gigs and folk jams. The Fly 3, cranked all the way up, responds to the tone controls on a Tele just like a good classic-rock amp. For the actual gigs, I brought my vintage Supro just in case, but it's really loud compared to an acoustic guitar (even at 5 watts). But we put the Fly on a chair, put a SM57 in front of it, and boom. Sounded great through the monitors, and the sound engineer loved the sound live.

I wouldn't use it to compete with a drummer, or as a pedal platform, but for a nice dirty grind and a little slapback echo? It was terrific. Best battery-powered amp since the Pignose, imho.


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Very cool. I’ll bet it sounded great too. I’ve done a couple of low key gigs with acoustic folk rock bands with a Yamaha THR on battery power. These low powered digital amps blend really well with acoustic stuff.

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