Surprised Myself At Most Often Used Pedal Into My New Ceriatone Overtone Special


Picked up an Overtone Special via Ebay last month. I don't want to admit it but I probably could afford to sell off some very nice dirt pedals... even after already selling some off for this amp. Ironically the one pedal that I find myself using the most on the front end is the one that I had up for sale for several weeks to help fund the amp that luckily didn't sell... a Barber Barb-EQ. With the extensive controls for overdrive and eq on this amp I never figured I would even turn the Barb-EQ on with it... Wrong. I'll be on the learning curve with the amp for a while but right now I'm really enjoying running my Barb-EQ at a 2 o'clock on the volume to give a slight lift but I set it up in the Blackface setting and it sounds really good. It's not an always on thing but it really does a sweet blackface. Lqst night I started playing around with using its Tweed tone stack and I'm sure I'll be experimenting with it more too.

There are enough great reviews of the amp that I don't need to go into all the details but I'll throw this out to anyone else who is considering on Overtone Special. I don't know jack **** about Larry Carlton or Robin Ford and I had to go to youtube to see who they were because their names kept coming up on these Overtone Special threads/reviews. Sorry for the GP Blasphemy but its just not my thing. If its not yours either, this amp goes from glassy sweet to downright rude and covers alot of ground in between. If it is your thing you will obviously enjoy the amp but, even though they aren't my style, I know talent when I hear it... this amp isn't going to make you sound like them - ha ha!!!

If you've got an Overtone Special and get a chance to run a Barb-EQ into it it might be worth your time.

Thanks for all of the info on this amp fellas!


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