Surprising Winner of My Delay Quest Was...

Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by Oncaster, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. Oncaster

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    May 12, 2013
    (drumroll)... The Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy!!!

    Replacing my Flashback, whose sound quality seemed similar to me to an old Boss Multi-Effects unit I had. I needed something to accompany my DD-7 which I primarily use as a sampler and for its reverse function. As a delay, the repeats are just way to pristine and sterile sounding. Out of my primary delay, wanted tape analog sounds with gritty-ish clean repeats that were present but not overwhelming. Similarly, wanted the repeats to hold their signal integrity until close to the point it faded away.

    The EHX Deluxe Memory Boy was cheap and made by a major manufacturer, had so-so reviews, and common, so surely I thought I would hate it. Kind of liking the Supa-Puss, my intention was to return it as soon as I got it in the mail without bothering to give it a try. But judges, which includes only myself, loved the fact that it had tap tempo, wasn't too dark or too bright, and had repeats that were clean, loud, and faded away into a beautiful washy reverb kind of thing. More tape like in sound than many of the tape delay simulators, pristine for an analog, but dirty for a digital, really astounded me at how great the pedal suited my needs. It has a sheen to it which really makes it musical and it takes on a personality of its own. Tapping in the tempo makes a cool noise as well.

    Not being one to swap pedals too often, this one is staying on the board for a while.

    Other contenders that I tried were:

    Carbon Copy - I don't get why people like this pedal. If you want repeats that are a dark and rough approximation of the original signal, go for it. The name really suits it. I found it to be hissy, noisy, and limited in its functionality, delay time, and features.

    Supa Puss - Repeats are clean and bright for an analog and all that, but repeats never got too loud. Messing with the "Mix" knob didn't make them any louder either, it just seemed to lack personality to me and was hissy toward the end of the repeats, much like the Carbon Copy.

    Strymon El Capistan - Too complex for any single pedal for me. It has this chorus-y sort of sound in any setting and because it's a mini computer, there is just the smallest delay in changes when you turn the knobs. Biggest annoyance is how the signal cuts out completely when you tap tempo mid-song and I really struggled trying to get definition out a repeat. Eats up a lot of power and didn't really have the tape sort of feel

    Line 6 DL4 - Quite liked this one, had a lot of features and the looping and sampling options are really unique. Had major issues with general signal loss though, which is why it went away, and it made no sense to me why you had such a large pedal with the the choice of having so many presets when you can't use more than one at a time.

    Eventide Timefactor - I didn't have the time to understand how it worked and didn't bother learning. It may be great, but it's too complicated for me.
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    May 4, 2005
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    Yep, that's pretty much why people like it.

    Stopped reading here. I hear laughing in my head.

    Ok I didn't actually stop reading above. This statement seems silly given that you were supposedly on a hunt for your perfect delay. Why include it if you didn't try it? You probably could have figured it out in the time you spent typing up this thread.
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    Time to get back on the train, Maxon AD999. :D

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