Sold Sustainiac Stealth Pro for 6-String

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Sustainiac Stealth Pro 6-string - SOLD SOLD SOLD

No issues functionally whatsoever. I just didn't use it much, so I'm going to re-purpose that guitar for other mad experiments. Cosmetically, note that there is some glue that is visible on the top of the pickup. For those that are unfamiliar with the sustainer pickup, it is a single-coil sized affair. To accommodate a humbucker-sized neck route, they glue an empty piece of plastic to the side of the pickup to make it look like a humbucker. So if needed, you can pull of the dummy portion and "ta-da" you're good to go for a single coil route. As far as the exposed glue, the dummy plastic bit simply fell off at one point and I (not too gracefully) glued it back in place.

Comes with 3 toggle switches for on/off, mode switching and boost. I also have the instruction sheet, which is very clear. There are a lot of wires, but it's actually a pretty easy install if you know how to solder.

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